What is TheBookSpot.org?

Great question! Until now there has been no easy way to add your Amazon or B&N book page to a business card or other promotional material. The urls are long and complicated and even the onsite url shorteners create confusing and hard to remember links. TheBookSpot is a simple tool to make complicated bookurls simple to remember and simple to tell your friends about.

Take for example Veronica Roth's hit Divergent, you can get to her book on Amazon.com by using this url: www.amazon.com/Divergent-Veronica-Roth/dp/0062024035 or you could use a simpler url like: TheBookSpot.org/Divergent. It's that easy and you can pick whatever anchor term you want to redirect to your book.

What if I Use An Affiliate Link?

If you use an affiliate link you will need to comply with Amazon's terms:

While you are welcome to use link shortening services, please remember that you must clearly state that the link in question will take the user to the Amazon site when clicked and ensure that you include a statement to identify yourself as an Associate. You must also be able to provide detailed information about where the links have been placed if we request it.

Here is a potential disclaimer you might want to use to comply with Amazon's affiliate terms:

This link will take you to my Amazon book page where I will get an additional commission on any books sold

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